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You’ve made the leap. Assumed the risk. Calculated the benefits.
Now you are here.

Let us do the rest. Put the boxes down and we will unpack, organize, and establish your life here in Ohio.

Do you manage a business in need of consultative expertise in order to maximize the impact of your global hiring efforts?  Consider The Xpat Desk your partner. 

Are you a private client who would greatly benefit from our global and local connections? At The Xpat Desk, we specialize in leveraging our relationships within the banking community to secure personal banking for our clients. Whether you are interested in obtaining a line of credit or establishing a relationship with a private banker – Let us lead you through the process. 

Looking to reconnect to the life that you had in your previous city?  Searching for the perfect yoga class or the introduction to that tennis pro you just can’t live without? Yes, we can accomplish that for you as well. 

The expert team at The Xpat Desk, LLP is a multi faceted, solution oriented concierge desk catering specifically to companies with a global footprint as well as expats and their families. We are here to seamlessly lead you through your hire, your move, your transition and beyond.


Your Financial Move

Unfortunately, personal bank accounts, your solid credit history, and trusted financial advisors cannot be moved as easily as your personal belongings.  KYC, AML, BSA, OFAC, PEP, … banks in America have a language all their own.  With extensive international banking and foreign exchange trading experience, The Xpat Desk, LLP can translate banker speak and guide you through your financial move.

Your Home

Wherever you are in the process we can help.  Whether it is guiding you on the best neighborhood fit for your family, to introducing you to the area’s top agents, or investors with portfolios of executive homes available for lease…The Xpat Desk will make the connection.  Once your American dream home is secured, our highly vetted home service specialists are ready to help with your transition and assimilation.  House cleaners and managers, pool services, lawn care and decorators, our home service specialists will make your assimilation as smooth as possible.


Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Live abroad.

Comprehensive and customized private institution/public school tours
Community establishment
Country clubs
Tennis/squash clubs

Live Life.

Youth extracurricular activities
Music lessons
Childcare and Child interest solutions

Live at home.

Charitable volunteer opportunities
Professional groups
Places of worship
Healthcare options
Personal shopper contacts


Corporate Soft Landing Services

Establishing a new home and a company in a foreign country simultaneously is a monumental feat.  As is on boarding new hires from the global marketplace. Consider The Xpat Desk a consultative partner to help in that launch.  Our international banking experts with Master’s of Business and Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) credentials, are uniquely qualified to assist in establishing your global treasury management accounts, identify quality candidates for your organization, and work with local US banks to establish lines of credit needed for your US expansion.

Kelly Sallee

Kelly Sallee
With a decade plus banking career across major financial markets, Kelly Sallee has conceptualized, developed, executed and managed communication and client profile strategies within the large corporate, international, commercial real estate lending and treasury management spaces. Sallee made a career of exceeding the needs and expectations of high profile and high net worth commercial real estate lending clients during her time with Wachovia Bank, N.A (Wells Fargo) in the Washington DC and New York, New York markets. But it wasn’t until Sallee, as Director of Large Corporate and International Communications for Fifth Third Bank, recognized the need to better service and help streamline the lives of extremely busy expats. She quickly came to the realization that there are “many boxes to be unpacked after the financial aspects of an international deal, transaction or relocation are done”.

It’s her dream to bring the luxury expat concierge service, The Xpat Desk, LP to the global marketplace with the first market rollout being Cincinnati, Ohio.

East Coast born and raised and earning her B.A. in communications in the greater Washington DC area,(Marymount University 98′) Sallee now resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and two children.

Sheila Spradlin Reich

Sheila Spradlin Reich
For over 25 years, Sheila Spradlin Reich has passionately helped foreign-owned companies and expats settle into the Midwest region of the United States. In her previous positions including Managing Director of International and Large Corporate Banking of Fifth Third Bank and Managing Director of International Banking at Huntington Bancshares, Ms. Reich developed an extraordinary track record of growing successful businesses.

Her exceptional understanding of US commercial banking, credit underwriting and international finance, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit has led to an expansive and highly respected referral network. She is a community-minded leader and serves on professional and charitable boards across southern Ohio and actively participates in economic trade missions encouraging global trade and foreign investment in the Midwest.

Ms. Reich earned her MBA at Xavier University and bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bowling Green State University. She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and children.

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